Work Party at Richardson Preserve on Saturday, December 2nd

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Lower Field, Deborah and Roger Richardson Preserve

Dear Friends,

We need a few volunteers and someone with a pickup truck to help with some heavy work at the Richardson Preserve.

The plan is to meet at the Preserve this Saturday, December 2, at 10:00 am.

This will probably be my last request for outdoor help until spring. The goal is to move unused lumber left over from the boardwalk construction to a secure location. Also, leftover scrap will be piled in a central location for later pickup and disposal.

If you can help with this on Saturday, please let me know. Also, there is a need to clear trees that have fallen on the Richardson Preserve and at some of our other sites as a result of recent windstorms. If you have a chainsaw and can help with this work, either this Saturday or at another time, please let me know.

The public uses our trails year round, so we want to keep them free of obstructions. For directions to the Richardson Preserve, go to:

Charles Adler

Attleboro Land Trust