As a public school educator in Attleboro, I am extremely concerned about Question 2, the ballot question that would continue to increase the number of charter schools in Massachusetts. Last year, Attleboro lost $2,854,869 to charter schools and, across the state, 231 school districts lost $450 million. If Question 2 is passed in November, the schools in Attleboro and the children of Attleboro will lose much more.

A Yes vote on Question 2 will jeopardize opportunities and choices for 96 percent of students, those who attend public schools overseen by elected school committees, by siphoning funds from districts to pay for privately run but publicly funded charter schools. This is contrary to the longstanding principle that public education is meant to provide ALL students with opportunities to explore and grow. We are not a society that believes in unequal education; we have long since grown far beyond that. Every child who walks into a classroom should be treated the same way and have the same opportunities as their peers. Dividing schools into the haves and the have-nots breaks down equality, further harming society.

Cities and towns have no say over whether a charter school can be located in their communities. That decision is made by appointed state officials. Once a charter school is opened, local elected officials have no authority over the school???s operation. Local residents??? tax dollars should not be used to support charter schools over which they have no control. That is undemocratic.

Instead, let???s invest in our public schools by committing the resources necessary so All children can attend the best schools our tax dollars can provide. They are our future and depend upon us to make the right decision.

Please join your Attleboro School Committee members, the educators in Attleboro, the NAACP, Massachusetts PTA, and hundreds of other organizations and elected officials across the Commonwealth and vote No on Question 2 on Tuesday, November 8.

Thank you,

Adeline M. Bee

Attleboro Education Association President