Annie Guthrie

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Special Update!


Annie has graciously added an opening Pete Seeger birthday tribute.


John Fuzek will open and perform a few Pete Seeger songs. 


Annie Guthrie is the middle daughter of folksinger Arlo Guthrie and artist Jackie Guthrie, and had many options for inspiration growing up.


At a young age she saw a picture of her grandmother Marjorie, a Martha Graham dancer, which motivated her to become a dancer.


Her stubborn personality meant nothing was going to stop her.
Eventually a knee injury slowed her down; that’s when Annie’s mother put a guitar in her hands and taught her a few chords. 

It didn’t take long for Annie to reinvent her love, she still dances, just a little differently now. 


Guthrie is a prolific songwriter and versatile musician who primarily plays acoustic guitar, bass, percussion and autoharp. Annie’s songs are honest, ranging from light and funny to gut-wrenching heartbreak (mostly gut-wrenching heartbreak); as her grandfather Woody Guthrie said “You can only write what you see” , and she has taken that to heart, writing songs that tell it like it is.


A special thank you to John Fukez for the idea and offering to perfom the Pete Seeger songs.

Advance ticket sales discount online at Brown Paper Tickets


$20-senior citizens

$30 at the door

Doors open at 6:30 pm