Would you love to have a kitten but can’t? 


Looking for a fun way to support a local animal rescue? 

Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue is excited to host Kitten Showers on Thursday May 23 and Friday May 24!

Our kitten showers will feature five 4-week-old kittens and their mom.


These kittens are small and sweet and many people do not have the opportunity to see kittens this tiny.


The parties will be seated at tables and allow you the opportunity to hold and cuddle the kittens.


They are not very mobile at this age and they will need breaks to nurse from mom.


The atmosphere will be like a quiet nursery to allow our kittens and mom to remain calm. 

The minimum age for this event is 8 years old.


**PLEASE NOTE- This is NOT an Adoption Event.**


Pre-registration is required.


No refunds or time changes.


Each session is limited to 8 people so register early.


We recommend wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants when handling the kittens.


No other pets allowed.   


See Angelcat Haven Facebook page or Facebook event page for specific age-related rules, FAQ list, and to purchase tickets.