Support Henri This Thanksgiving

Please Make Yours A Compassionate Holiday

Turkey Day?

No one could say exactly when Thanksgiving began being referred to as “Turkey Day”, but instead of thinking of Thanksgiving as a time when millions of turkeys that have been bred and confined their entire lives are sacrificed each year to be a main dish at an annual feast, we prefer to appreciate the turkey for what it really is, a sturdy, brave and social animal, with lots of personality!

This season, we hope you will consider a compassionate Thanksgiving by sparing the life of an animal and instead, supporting Henri, the lovely turkey that lives here at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary. Your donation will help us continue to provide the care and feeding of Henri and all of the other wonderful animals throughout the upcoming winter at Winslow Farm.


Please consider bringing your family to Winslow Farm this season to meet Henri, the  honorable  turkey, as well as all of our beloved feathered friends!