The retirement of longtime artistic director  Mihailo “Misha” Djuric  will take place September 1, 2020, following more than 22 years of service to the Rhode Island arts community.

Djuric’s retirement will bring to a close a remarkable career and dedication to the art of dance, including a prolific career as a performing artist and choreographer, and artistic leadership of multiple dance organizations.

FBP Board President Alan Weiss said, “Misha’s talents, dedication, and insistence on the highest quality of work enabled the company to engage in performances that much larger cities would have envied. We all wish him our best in retirement.”

“I have been greatly inspired by the artists, educators, and audience members that I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years, and those are memories I will never forget,” Djuric said, adding, “I am extremely thankful to every single FBP Board member, student, dancer, choreographer, artistic staff, administrative and production staff over the years that challenged me daily and taught me so much.”

Kathleen Breen Combes , who took over as executive director in August 2019 said, “I’ve seen first-hand how passionate Misha is for this community and the art form. The legacy he leaves behind is profound and far-reaching, and Festival Ballet and the communities we serve are better today because of Misha’s service.”

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