We Need Your Help To Recover Medical Costs for Bean



On the day of little Bean’s birth, his brother was stillborn, and the farmer who owned him simply left him to die. A caring neighbor rescued Bean at one day old, then brought him to Winslow Farm when he was about 10 days old.



Debra White, owner of Winslow Farm, bottle fed him and kept him with her in her bed at night. Bean didn’t realize he was a goat, so he didn’t join with the other goats at the Sanctuary until he was about a year old. He is a sweet, frisky little boy always out for a little harmless mischief.


On Christmas Eve 2020, Bean was brought to Tufts Hospital as he hadn’t been eating and was simply not his normal, happy self. He underwent numerous tests to determine the cause of his loss of appetite.


The veterinarian said one possibility was Bean could be grieving the absence of his best friend, Blossom, (Blossom is the goat stolen from Winslow Farm last Autumn).

However, Bean underwent a CT scan that revealed hardened, calcified material in his stomach which required immediate surgery. Bean underwent surgery on December 29 and arrived back home January 4.



Bean is now eating small amounts and appears to be getting back to his old self again. He is currently resting in the cat shelter and being very closely monitored. 

As you might imagine, the veterinary costs for Bean’s surgery are very high, and we would appreciate any assistance you can provide to offset some of the costs. As always, we are so grateful for your continuing support of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary.