We often pass and hardly notice things of interest and beauty during our daily travels within the Ten Mile River Watershed.


When in Rumford, pay special attention to the formal well-ordered Rumford Tower planting – especially the mounds of multi-colored impatiens to the left of the sign.

Presently, best of show and stunningly attractive and of blue ribbon quality.

While on the subject of Rumford and directly across the street from the attractive Rumford Tower garden display is the Newman Spring Pond.

I call your attention to the north end of that water body for closer personal inspection.


The pond contains an infestation of invasive Asian water chestnut, the same plant presently choking the Ten Mile River beside the Pawtucket Country Club and also recently reported in local media as infesting Attleboro’s Luther Reservoir, a formal portion of Attleboro’s drinking water privileges and of great public concern.


The City of Attleboro, as a result, is obligated to seek a logical solution to safely rid our public water impoundments of this invasive curse as our public water holding capacity is finite and in danger. And…to be ever vigilant in future.

There is no option.

Don Doucette

“Ten Mile River Rambles”

Friends of the Ten Mile and Bucklin Brook

Citizens of the Narragansett Basin