Annual Meeting: Wednesday, June 21st

B LEAGUE Annual-Meeting-Graphic 

Providence Art Club, 11 Thomas Street, Providence, RI

4:30 pm – Registration & Reception

5:15 pm –  Business Meeting

A special presentation by Roger Mandle, President & CEO, 

Roger Mandle Associates LLC

ALRI Strategic Plan   

6:15 pm – Guest Speaker, Natalie Featherston.                  The Art of Deception: Trompe L’oeil Paintings.                  

Click here for more information about our annual meeting and guest speaker. 

Roger Mandle, owner and CEO of Roger Mandle Associates, was hired as a consultant to develop a comprehensive action-oriented strategic plan to be used as a tool in helping ALRI thrive as a leading arts organization. He will be making a special presentation to members and guests about the strategic planning process at our Annual Meeting on June 21st.

Last fall, Art League Rhode Island received a $5,216 Organizational Development Grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to develop a strategic plan. Over the course of four months, we assessed our current situation, identified key issues as well as the direction the organization will take. We reviewed our strengths, weaknesses and what makes us unique from other art organizations. By defining our mission and vision statements our objectives became clear. The result is a list of prioritized goals that ALRI will achieve by implementing strategies over a three-year period.

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