Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England CEO Issues??Statement on the Strength of Girl Scouts

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Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England

(GSSNE) is proud to share the following message from our CEO, Pam Hyland, in light of the Boy Scouts of America news.

Dear All,

On October 11th, Boy Scouts of America joined a very long list of organizations that serve both boys and girls.

With that, we stand today saying that we are proud to be THE expert on girls!

We serve girls exclusively. And research proves single-gender environments are critical for children to develop and build confidence.

Research also proves that girls crave and need girls-only safe spaces.

This is where girls feel free to talk about issues they wouldn’t necessarily talk about with boys, it’s where they’re going to try new activities without fear of failure. It is an environment in which they will experience less pressure to look or act a certain way.

Girl Scouts remains the expert on girls. And we’ve been doing this for 105 years and our impact is proven.

50% of all female business owners in the U.S. today are alumnae of Girl Scouts.

Nearly all the 40 women who flew in space? Girl Scouts!

80% of female technology leaders…Girl Scouts!

All 3 female Secretaries of State representing different generations, different backgrounds, different political philosophies…their common denominator is Girl Scouts.

As Girl Scouts we stand proud of all we do to make this kind of future happen for girls!

Stand proud Girl Scouts.


Pam Hyland

CEO of Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England

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