Hundreds Join Grassroots Effort Mobilizing Opposition to East Greenwich Town Council’s Planned Reinstatement of Acting Town Manager Gayle Corrigan

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In a dramatic ruling last week, Superior Court Judge Susan E. McGuirl declared “null and void” the East Greenwich Town Council’s June appointment of Gayle Corrigan as acting Town Manager due to town leaders’ willful and repeated violations of the state’s Open Meetings law and the Town Charter.

Judge McGuirl found that the town deliberately misled the people of East Greenwich.

“It is apparent that the Town Council willfully and knowingly violated the OMA,” wrote Judge Susan E. McGuirl in her 73 page opinion.

Despite Judge McGuirl’s clear admonishment, the Town Council is ignoring the order and reinstating Corrigan as Town Manager at Tuesday’s scheduled Town Council meeting.

This has set off a passionate response from a bi-partisan cross section of East Greenwich residents.

Hundreds of correspondences to Town Council members have been sent and a petition with hundreds of signatures is circulating.

Who: Hundreds of supporters of Engaged EG, a group on non- partisan citizens representing diverse backgrounds, political affiliations and perspectives who share a commitment to East Greenwich and transparency in local government.

What: Peaceful protest against the Town Council’s plans to reinstate Gayle Corrigan during Town Council meeting.

Where: Swift Community Center 121 Piece Street East Greenwich, RI

When: Gathering will start at 6:30pm. Town Council meeting commences at 7pm.

For more information or to interview Engaged EG leaders, please contact Brian Franklin at 703 – 201 – 3875 or brianjfranklin@gmail.com

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