Dear voters, neighbors and friends,

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With permission from my Wife, she has allowed me to run for elected office.?? ??With all the votes at the breakfast table in my favor, I write today to announce my candidacy for Bristol County Commissioner and to explain why I am running.

Bristol County Massachusetts has been home for my entire life.??Born and raised in Attleboro, I was educated in its public schools and later went on to receive my Bachelors and Masters degrees at area State Colleges.??

My Wife and I are expecting our first child this June as we continue to invest in our “fixer upper” that we call home in Norton, Massachusetts.

Current obligations include a 45 hour work week, involvement with the Norton Democrat Town Committee and volunteering with St Mary’s Bingo respectively.??

I served as an elected official on the Attleboro School Committee?? from 2006-2010. Currently I am an elected Member of the Norton Planning Board.

I am a proud registered Democrat?? who has volunteered and worked on several local, state and national political campaigns.

For the last 20 years I have worked for several non profit groups and nationally recognized events such as the Newport International Film Festival and the Rhode Island Comic Con.

As the Director of Sponsorship and Development, I have successfully worked to bring millions of dollars in revenue to these organizations.??

Along with becoming a Father and keeping my cholesterol under 300,?? this year will also include my candidacy to the Bristol County Commission.

Although our current county government has aspects that work, I feel there is a great need for change when it comes to the balance of representation, the quality of communication and options for revenue growth.

After several conversations with local constituents,all agreed that the current county government has been operating “under the radar” with most of the community unaware of what the duties and responsibilities of the commission are.

It is this reason and many others why I will be on the ballot this September 4th.??

With experience in public education, creating policy, approving budgets and recently working with a progressive economic planning board, I have invested many years working in groups to better our communities.

I wish to continue this success with the Bristol County Commission.??

To learn more about Who I am, Why I am running and What I will do for Bristol County, please visit: our??Facebook page @????

Thank you,??

Frank Durant??

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