PLAINVILLE, MA – Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue needs your help with urgent outstanding surgical bills. Samuel is the fourth kitten in the past year Angelcat Haven has faced getting ear polyps removed by a specialist at Bay State Veterinary Emergency Hospital. These ear polyps impacted his breathing which risked permanent damage and death. “In the 12 years we have been rescuing cats in Bristol and Norfolk counties, we have never come across ear polyps prior to the Venus rescue in September 2017. In this past year we’ve had four cats requiring this surgery.” says Michelle Bolton, President. Of the ten Venus kittens rescued in September of 2017, three of them had ear polyps requiring surgery costing over $2500 each. Through an incision in the neck & jaw, the surgeon needs to trace the polyp through the middle ear and clean out the entire root, which as in Samuel’s case can also be intertwined in the nerves. Sometimes it is lodged behind the soft palette, which happened to Max, severely affecting his breathing. Samuel had polyps in BOTH places. It takes up to a month to fully recover from the side effects of the surgery. It is invasive and costly but is the best way to prevent them from recurring.


With each kitten, they presented with recurring ear infections that could not be cleared and then as the polyp grew it started to block the air passage making it more difficult for them to breath. This is a condition we just can’t wait until we have the money to fix, so we are currently in debt over $5,000 for Oreo’s surgery in July 17, 2018 and now for Samuel who just had his surgery October 9, 2018. Samuel is now at his foster home recovering and will be available for adoption in a few weeks.


Donations can be sent to Angelcat Haven, PO Box 2261, Plainville MA 02762, earmarked Oreo/Samuel.

They also accept Paypal donations, the link can be found on their website


Angelcat Haven Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit feline rescue founded in 2006, serving Bristol and Norfolk Counties, rescuing stray and abandoned cats and providing them a safe HAVEN, food, and medical care until they can be adopted into their forever new homes.

For further information you can contact them at

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