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Sally: A Black Woman’s Journey from Africa to Enslavement In Rhode Island.??

Sally is????a staged reading that dramatizes the journey of the Slave Ship Sally and a female??African character, renamed Sally, from her capture in West Africa through the Middle Passage to her enslavement in Rhode Island.

It examines what her life might have been like thus shining a light on the enslavement of black women in Rhode Island.??

Funding for the research and writing of this new project is provided by the Heritage Harbor Foundation.

It falls under one of their funding categories called “Six Big Ideas,”??Cultural Crossroads: Prejudice and Discrimination being one of them.??

Black Women Taking Off The Masks

Inspired by Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem, “We Wear the Mask,” Black Women Taking Off the Mask is a new script exploring my feeling that American Black Women wrestle with knowing authentic love and thus wear masks when it comes to showing genuine feelings.

“We grin politely around others to fit in with societal??expectations instead of??truly expressing ourselves and our thoughts, thereby allowing the world to think we have no problems.”

In the spirit of trying to understand, my script about heartache??and love in Black women and their search for healing from social and cultural trauma inflicted upon them in the past and present, is organized around and filled with prose lyrics?? in the 12-bar blues form, rap, hip hop lyrics??and monologues.

Special thanks to the Cast for creative and intellectual input and to??Dr. Paula Smith, PhD Harvard, African American Psychologist, Family Therapist, Author.

DATE: December 8, 2018??
TIME: ??2:30 pm

PLACE: South Side Cultural Center
ADDRESS: 393 Broad St ??Providence RI 02907
TICKETS: $20 General Admission. $15 Students & Seniors. Open Seating.

Actors, Singers &??Musicians:
Becky Bass, Ramona Bass-Kolobe, Marlon Carey, Jackie Davis, Elizabeth Keiser, Angela Nash-Wade, Michaella Saintil, Sylvia Ann Soares,??Kim Trusty, and Rose Weaver.