Saturday, September 23, 2023


Commissioner’s Weekly Field Memo



RIDE’s Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements  


On November 15, 2022, the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education approved updated Secondary Regulations that aim to reimagine high school and the statewide graduation requirements. The secondary regulations establish college and career-ready coursework as the default expectation for every child in Rhode Island.


Through extensive community engagement, we refined the Secondary Regulations to reflect the voices of students, families, and educators, and developed an action plan that will ensure successful implementation over the next five years.


RIDE is committed to supporting and inspiring our educators implementing the graduation requirements and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Together, we will continue reimagining the high school experience and ensure all of our students have the opportunity to create their own future.


In partnership, 

Angélica Infante-Green  

From the R.I. Department of Education (RIDE)

More on the Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements


View the Rhode Island Readiness-Based Secondary Regulations


Review a summary of the regulations, public comment, and latest slideshow here


To ensure successful implementation, RIDE is developing a 6-Year Action Plan with six areas of focus. These areas were identified by K-12 stakeholders in the field and include the following:  


Expanding partnership and collaboration, 


Reimagining learning,  


Developing a statewide approach to comprehensive school counseling,  


Preparing our kids to create their futures,  


increasing engagement in our schools by increasing real-world relevant learning experiences, and   


Changing how we support our students and families.


Each priority features a robust list of action items to benchmark and hold RIDE accountable for the progress of all deliverables outlined in the draft Action Plan.


This action plan is a draft, and the RIDE team intends to schedule time with any stakeholders who would like to provide feedback on the action plan. 


To learn more about RIDE’s Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements and 6-Year Action Plan to support implementation, please reach out to