Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Commissioner’s Memo to Friends of Education



Celebrating SurveyWorks Success


As we come up on the middle of March, we have so much progress to look back on since the beginning of the year. One key success is with our annual SurveyWorks, which was opened back in January and now has 100,000+ responses from critical stakeholders in our school communities: students, families, and educators.


These individuals play such an important role in shaping our education system. With over 65,000 students, 20,000 families, and 10,000 teachers and staff responding to our questions about school environments, professional development, and family engagement, we are able to hear what’s working and what we can improve on.


In the coming days, we will be highlighting schools that have soared past a 75 percent response rate on all levels.


We look forward to continuing to hear from all Rhode Islanders until the survey closes on April 7. To take the survey and view your district or school’s full results from 2022, please click here.


In partnership,

Angélica Infante-Green