Saturday, July 13, 2024


Dear Friends,

Last week was filled with fantastic 4th of July celebrations with friends, family, and supporters. The Ring campaign was in a total of 4 parades! Gloucester Horribles, Beverly Farms Horribles, Manchester 4th of July and the Rockport Fireman’s parade! We celebrated American independence and pride in style!

It was an honor to be involved and walk with my fellow Patriotic Americans and to meet many more Patriotic Americans along the Parade route! Thank you to everyone who got involved and supported us!

You can see all the photos right here at: 

During these four parades we gave away over 1,000 stickers, free Candy “Ring Pops” for the kids, and some literature. We burned a lot of shoe leather on the campaign trail as well. But we had an impact! And a lot of fun! Thousands of people saw the Ring campaign!

If you want to continue to make an impact in this election season, please consider a generous donation of any amount you can afford to the Ring for Register campaign.

Go to:

 Donate ( 

for an easy online donation! These donations are used to replenish the literature and will be used for targeting the district with our GOTV program!

Thank you again. God bless you and see you on the campaign trail!

Jonathan Ring

For Register of Deeds

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