Paying Student Athletes for Use of their Name, Image and Likeness

#0 DeWayne Russell guard for the Grand Canyon University Lopes at GCU Arena in Phoenix, AZ USA December 28,2016.

Senate Hearing on Student Athletes’ NIL. The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on student athletes and their right to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL). On July 1, a Florida law will come into effect addressing how students may do so.


Other states have passed similar laws which are also due to come into effect soon.


State and federal lawmakers have called for a system for how participants in intercollegiate athletics may be compensated for endorsement deals, social media and use of their images in video games.


Lawmakers said that if Congress doesn’t act, different state laws may create a patchwork of policy. The Senate Commerce Committee will also hold a hearing on the issue this week.


CDC Releases Updated Guidance on Returning to the Classroom. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released new guidance on safely reopening classrooms and campuses to students for institutions of higher education.

one is vaccinated my return to normal, in-person learning, Campus technology reports. The updates:

Added introduction language to reflect the latest information relevant to institutions of higher education (IHEs)


Added guidance on offering and promoting COVID-19 vaccination


Added guidance on prevention strategies for IHEs where everyone is fully vaccinated and for IHEs where not everyone is fully vaccinated


Added section on general considerations for all IHEs

Added section with additional considerations for all IHEs.


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