Thursday, June 13, 2024


ChatGPT asked us this question.


What is your experience in our industry or niche, and can you provide examples of successful PR campaigns you’ve executed for similar clients?

Let’s answer the first part of that:

What is your experience in our industry or niche?

If you’re a small business or franchise, PR Works has run successful PR campaigns in your business.

How can we say that without knowing what your business is?


We are typically not experts in the businesses of any of the clients we take on. What we do know how to do is interview the experts—the client—and find a core message that will translate into coverage in the media.

After that, it becomes a matter of who else needs to hear this message and in what format. For example, the press release that gets repurposed as an article for your website, a newsletter for your existing customers or multiple social media posts.

In terms of getting coverage, it’s a matter of researching the publications in your industry where we can submit your news release and following that up.

Does it work better if we have done work with similar companies? It can, particularly with trade publications. Yet at the end of the day, editors care more that you/we are presenting a good story that will be of interest to their readers. Whether or not they’ve ever received a release from us is not usually an issue. Hope that answers your question ChatGPT. If you’re curious about what PR can do for your business, don’t ask AI. Ask the professionals at PR Works. We’ve been around a whole lot longer. Drop a line or give us a call.

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