Watershed Action Alliance
of Southeastern Massachusetts

Learn along with WAA as we explore environmental justice and related topics in preparation for our March 2021 event. Due to the pandemic, we are planning it as a virtual event. More details soon!


In August, we heard from Sabrina Davis, Fall River Organizer for the Coalition for Social Justice.  She spoke about state environmental justice legislation, projects in New Bedford and Fall River addressing environmental and social inequities, and suggestions for action and better communication. You can hear the recording of her presentation here. The journey of state environmental justice legislation from conception to codification has been arduous and is not yet complete… but it is close! We’ve written a concise overview of it that is available on our learn-along page.


Every month at our member meetings WAA members study and discuss environmental justice topics. We  hear from representatives of communities historically underrepresented in watershed associations or in discussions about environmental health and protection, including Native Americans, communities of color, people with disabilities and those with low income, to name a few. Many of these communities are inequitably harmed by impacts to the environment while receiving fewer benefits associated with a healthy environment, such as clean drinking water and access to water recreation.

In July, we were inspired by an panel of talented young women from the City of Brockton. Watch the video. Mentored in the Massachusetts Envirothon by Wildlands Trust Outreach and Education Manager, Rachel Calderara, and positively affected by their experiences, these urban residents continued on to higher education in the environment, science and health.


The panel spoke to WAA members at our July meeting, sharing their personal stories and factors that led to their engagement in nature and environmental conservation, factors that you can incorporate into your own work, whether it be professional, volunteer or personal. It’s all captured in our learn-along.


In June, we discussed the relationship between environmental justice and racism and issued a statement about our commitment to working for environmental justice. We posted a short video and some excellent curated readings for you to learn along with us.


In May, Melissa Ferretti, the president of the Herring Po nd Wampanoag Tribe located in Plymouth spoke to us at our meeting. Read about Ferretti and her vision as president, how to speak respectfully about Native Americans, and about traditional ecological knowledge and what this can teach other cultures.


Each month we will post more short readings, recommended websites, videos, and other materials to expand your knowledge of environmental justice and perspectives on diversity, equity and inclusion in preparation for our March 2021 virtual event. We invite you to learn along with us!




Dorie Stolley
Coordinator and Outreach Manager
Watershed Action Alliance of Southeastern Massachusetts