Saturday, September 23, 2023



Graduation time reminds me of how important education is to our community’s future.  As the son of a preschool teacher, I know the value of investing in students and families early.


And as Governor Raimondo’s Chief of Staff, I helped her expand pre-K so that more children had access to high-quality education opportunities as early as possible.


We also established the RI Promise scholarship, which so far has provided free community college for 1,139 Providence public school students. 

As Mayor, I will invest in early intervention models, increase accessibility to affordable high-quality childcare and build the infrastructure to ensure these programs live on for generations to come.


Access to these education supports improves outcomes for all students and, when equitably delivered, can improve overall economic mobility for all students later in life.

 As mayor of Providence, I will do the hard work required to improve our schools, ensuring that all of our children receive a high-quality education. I will be our students strongest advocate and I will work to: 


Hold the state accountable for their turnaround plan and make sure that all students and families have the resources they need for their students.


Provide additional support in our transition years during middle school years when our students move to larger schools with less direct support. 


Recruit a highly-skilled, diverse and increasingly multilingual workforce across the district.


Expand career and technical training and increase investments in adult education. 


Provide universal access to high-quality early education options and invest in early intervention models.


Support families’ decisions to choose schools that work for them and ensure that they always have high-quality educational options.


In a highly competitive world, we must give our kids the tools they will need to succeed. That begins with a quality education in their community.


Brett Smiley

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